My route through Oregon and California

Day 1:Tour04 Day 1 - Dallas to Florence, OR
Day 2: Tour04 Day 2 - Florence to Bandon, OR
Day 3: Tour04 Day 3 - Bandon to Gold Beach, OR
Day 4: Tour04 Day 4 - Gold Beach, OR to Klamath, CA
Day 5: Tour04 Day 5 - Klamath to Eureka, CA
Day 6:Tour04 Day 6 - Eureka to Garberville, CA
Day 7:Tour04 Day 7 - Garberville to Fort Bragg, CA
Day 8:Tour04 Day 8 - Fort Bragg to Jenner, CA
Day 9:Tour04 Day 9 - Jenner to Olema, CA
Day 10:Tour04 Day 10 - Stockton to Jackson, CA
Day 11: Tour04 Day 11 - Jackson to Silver Lake, CA
Day 12: Tour04 Day 12 - Silver Lake, CA to Carson City, NV

My route in Nevada, Utah, and Arizona

Day 13:Tour04 Day 13 Carson City to Fallon, NV
Day 14:Tour04 Day 14 - Fallon to Austin, NV
Day 15: Tour04 Day 15 - Austin to Eureka, NV
Day 16: Tour04 Day 16 - Eureka to Ely, NV
Day 17: Tour04 Day 17 Ely to Baker, NV
Day 18:Tour04 Day 18 Baker, NV to Milford, UT
Day 19: Tour04 Day 19 Milford to Panguitch, UT
Day 20:Tour04 Day 20 Panguitch to Kanab, UT - Bryce Canyon
Day 21:Tour04 Day 21 Kanab to Jacob Lake, UT
Day 22: Tour04 Day 22 Jacob Lake to Grand Canyon North Rim, UT and back
Day 23: Tour04 Day 23 Jacob Lake to Marble Canyon, UT
Day 24:Tour04 Day 24 Marble Canyon to Page, UT
Day 25: Tour04 Day 25 Page to Kayenta, AZ
Day 26: Tour04 Day 26 Kayenta, AZ to Blanding, UT

My route in Colorado and Kansas

Day 27:Tour04 Day 27 Blanding, UT to Cortez, CO
Day 28Tour04 Day 28 Cortez to Durango, CO
Day 29: Tour04 Day 29 Durango to Pagosa Springs, CO
Day 30: Tour04 Day 30 Pagosa Springs to Del Norte, CO
Day 31: Tour04 Day 31 Del Norte to La Veta, CO
Day 32: Tour04 Day 32 La Veta to Springfield, CO
Day 33: Tour04 Day 33 Springfield, CO to Ulysses, KS
Day 34: Tour04 Day 34 Ulysses to Cimarrron, KS

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