Tour report: Mark Boyd, cross USA west to east, solo unsupported, summer of '96.

These are riding days. I've included injury, rest, and rain days in the riding day that proceeded them.

Day 1: A terrible/wonderful first day that becomes four days...

Day 2: Starting again: Willamette Valley to Pacific City

Day 3: Up the Oregon Coast to Canon Beach

Day 4: Coming home to Washington. Canon Beach to Cathlamet WA

Day 5: Up the Central Valley of Washington, Camping at Lewis and Clark

Day 6: Rain in Washington State? Lewis and Clark to Shelton

Day 7: Beautiful day in Washington State! Shelton to Port Townsend

Day 8: You can never go home again. Port Townsend to Skagit Valley

Day 9: The North Cascades route to Rockport. Broken Spokes.

Day 10: A long, hard, beautiful day. Rockport to Winthrop

Day 11: High plains to high desert. Winthrop to Tonasket

Day 12: Another hard, two pass day. Tonasket to Kettle Falls

Day 13: Good company. Kettle Falls to the Pend Orielle river.

Day 14: From camp to hostel. Pend Orielle to Diamond T Ranch.

Day 15: Starting Across Montana. Diamond T to Libby MO.

Day 16: The lake goes on forever. Libby to Eureka.

Day 17: Whitefish is hell! Eureka to Columbia Falls.

Day 18: Over the Divide. Columbia Falls to East Glacier

Day 19: On the plains. East Glacier to Shelby

Day 20: A long day on the plains. Shelby to Havre

Day 21: Meeting good people at the mosquito capital. Havre to Saco

Day 22: Headwind City, but with great company. Saco to Glasgow

Day 23: A good days ride. Glasgow to Clubertson

Day 24: Getting out of Montana. Culbertson to Williston ND.

Day 25: A long hot day with a nice ending. Williston to Parshall

Day 26: Another long day on the plains of ND. Parshall to Rugby

Day 27: My longest ride: a great tailwind. Rugby to East Grand Forks MN

Day 28: The Red River Valley. East Grand Forks to Morehead

Day 29: Look out for dissapearing Shoulders! Morehead to Morris

Day 30: Ethnic towns in central Minnesota. Morris to Hutchinson

Day 31: Run off the road in Minnesota? Hutchinson to Owantonna

Day 32: Crossing the Missisippi. Owantonna to Galesburg WI

Day 33: Western Wisconsin and rail trails. Galesburg to Black Earth

Day 34: Around Madison and more rail trails. Black Earth to Wuakesha

Day 35: Skipping the Chicago area. Valpariso IN to New Haven

Day 36: A long, nice, day of riding. New Haven to Fremont OH

Day 37: Nice riding through north central Ohio. Fremont to Cleveland

Day 38: Heading south, riding hills. Ravena OH to Washington PA

Day 39: Western PA is hilly! Washington PA to Grantsville MD

Day 40: A great day of riding! Grantsville MD to Mt Jackson VA

Day 41: Cruising down the Shenadoa Valley. Mt Jackson to Fancy Hill

Day 42: Hot, Hilly, Humid, and Headwinds. Fancy Hill to Radford

Day 43: Almost home. Radford to Abingdon

Day 44: Home! Abingdon to Asheville NC

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