Day 2
Leaving Dallas, I rode to highway 22 and resumed AC's route west to the Pacific. I had planned to camp at Van Duzer State Park on my first day, but now camping was not a good idea. I decided to try to make it to the Pacific and find a motel that could provide help if I needed it. I rode in my supplex nylon shirt because I didn't know how I could get my jersey off without help.

The ride was easy, if a bit hilly, and traffic was moderate. I found I could ride fairly well with both hands on the bars as long as I avoided stressing my left side. My modified shifting and braking worked well: I was able to ride in relative comfort as long as the road/shoulder was smooth.

Traffic was halted for construction at the top of the biggest climb (just before Van Duzer State Park), but I spent the time chatting with some girls riding mountain bikes. On the other side of the hill, our lane was closed. We went over to the left shoulder which was blocked by construction equipment farther down the hill. Getting around that was a bit tricky with heavy traffic (the wait was at least 20 minutes so there was a large group of cars waiting), and several bicyclists.

I stopped for lunch near Fort Hill and for desert at Otis. There is a nice little cafe at Otis with very good bread for sale - I bought a loaf of black molasses bread which was adequate for supper and snacks for the next few days - which you would miss if you are on North Bank road. I missed the crossing from 18 to North Bank Road at Rose Hill and really suffered in the traffic between there and Otis as a result, but I did find a good place to eat! That was very fortunate since there are no services on Old Scenic Highway 101 which the route takes from Otis to Neskowin and really nothing much until Pacific City, over 20 miles on down the route.

Old Scenic Highway 101 is nice hilly rural road and a welcome relief from highway 18, offering 10 miles of (hilly) peace and pretty scenery before it rejoins 101. I spent the night at the first place I found, a Bed and Breakfast just before Pacific City. $85 (ouch!), but actually a pretty good buy considering the location. The jacusi felt great! 50 miles for the day; not bad considering the collarbone. I was pleased that I could still ride my loaded bike. A good day.

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