Day 38
It was about 11 AM when I headed southeast on highway 14 from near Ravena. It was definitely hillier in this part of Ohio, but the road was pretty good and traffic wasn't bad. I think the wind was still from the west. As I said earlier, Ohio drivers were the most polite drivers I met, so riding conditions were very good. At Salem I took the bypass and, where it joins highway 45 south of town, I stopped for lunch at Dennys. Then I rode on down 45 towards East Liverpool.

When 45 intersected 30, there were no signs prohibiting bicycles so I rode on 30 to near East Liverpool. I recall being passed by a highway patrol car on that stretch. After I stopped for a snack before East Liverpool, I was confronted with a no bicycles sign on the entry ramp. I did a quick check on map and, finding no reasonable alternatives, continued on 30 through East Liverpool and across the river. No problems with traffic and there was always a rideable shoulder. Checking my maps now, I still cannot find a reasonable route across the river that doesn't involve riding on restricted access roads and bridges.

Ironically, on the West Virgina side of the river the route becomes legal again, but it is quite dangerous for bicycling. Getting from the river to the place in Pennsylvania where highway 168 heads south towards Washington PA, was unpleasant. Narrow roads, little or no shoulder, and heavy traffic including big trucks. West Virginia is only about 5 miles wide at this point and 30 got a little better in PA with some narrow shoulders. Highway 168 was much better, mainly because it has less traffic.

PA Horse

I followed 168 down to Forest Springs where I stopped for a good supper. After supper (which one of the locals offered to pay for!) I was told to be careful because there was big rock concert going on on my route. Fortunately the shoulder was good on that stretch. I was riding through just before the start of the concert and it did mean that I had to deal with heavier traffic and navigate through the cars going into the amphitheater. The guys directing traffic looked at me funny as I rode up in the line of traffic going to the concert, but smiled and waved me through when I didn't turn in.

I made it to Washington pretty late and I didn't find any motels on my route, so I stopped for a coke at a Subway and asked how to find an inexpensive motel. The guy told me how to get the Motel 6 (which cost $42!). Washington is hilly! I think I climbed 300 feet just getting to that motel. 90 miles, getting pretty hilly.

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