Day 41
Another nice day in the Shenandoa valley, not quite as nice as the previous day, but nice. Highway 11 is decidedly more hilly in this part of the valley, but quite pleasant riding except through the cities. Harrison and Staunton have developed 'strips' along 11. These make for unpleasant riding, even on Sunday.

I ate breakfast (very slow service, breakfast took an hour!) before leaving Mt. Jackson and lunch in Harrisonburg after the unpleasant ride through town. In Staunton I stopped for a snack and to drink a 42 oz Coke (60 cents!) at a service station. It was getting pretty warm and much muggier.

About 10 miles south of Staunton, highway 340 intersects highway 11. This was a significant point for me because I was back on a road I had ridden before. Sort of like coming home. I made a point to try to stop at all the same places I had stopped on my tour last year. Nostalgia and all that. I stopped in Greenville to get some big pretzels and in Fairfield for another coke. I wanted to stop in Lexington at an Italian restaurant where I ate too much spaghetti last year, but it was closed on Sunday. I rode on past Fancy Hill which is an estate on 11. Highway 11 crosses 81 and I stopped at the Fancy Hill Motel at that exit. This is a pleasant place and the restaurant next door is pretty good. This was a short and easy day at about 100 miles through rolling hills.

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