Day 37
Ohio is a nice state to bicycle in and this days route was particular pleasant. Leaving Fremont, I rode the interstate like bypass around the north of town. Traffic was light and the shoulder was excellent except for a short stretch of construction. After Fremont I headed south on 19 to rejoin the AC route. The route included the smallest road I've seen on a tour, just one lane, as well as lots of other nice rural roads. Much of the route was marked with bicycle route signs, apparently the route uses state (?) bicycle routes. If you are touring in Ohio, it might be worthwhile to see if there are maps of state bicycle routes. This one certainly is nice.

I stopped in Avery for lunch at a Subway and in Oberlin for desert. I spent some time in Oberlin riding around the beautiful campus of Oberlin College. Riding out of town I didn't try to follow the route and, because of this, I ended up riding through the poor part of town. There is a huge contrast between the rich and poor parts of Oberlin, greater that I saw anyplace else on my trip, but of course I wasn't riding through cities. This contrast spoiled my impression of the college.

After leaving Oberlin I rode to Grafton and then headed north on highway 83 towards Westlake Ohio. Not a good move since 83 has no shoulders and bad traffic. After bad experiences with a couple of jerks in RVs, I got off 83 where it intersects 82 and called my friends. They came out to get me and I spent two night with them. Then they drove me out of Cleveland and down to just south of Ravena. 75 miles.

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