Day 3
Pacific City is on the 3 Capes Scenic Route, a quite beautiful, if hilly, ride along the ocean front to Tillamook. After a good breakfast, I enjoyed 25 miles of very nice riding, with quite a bit of climbing. I stopped for a good lunch in Oceanside. Folks at the restaurant warned me about the big hill going out of town. It was pretty steep. At Tillamook, the route rejoins 101, and the ride became very hectic with bad traffic and bad shoulders / no shoulders with frequent short bridges over inlets. No fun. After 9 miles of 101 pain, the route gets back on a back road, Miami River Road, for a dozen miles of peaceful riding. Ahhh.

The route rejoins 101 after Mohler, but the traffic didn't seem as bad and the scenery was absolutely great. I thought this was the most spectacular stretch of road on the Oregon Coast. Nice. I stopped for the night at Cannon Beach. 75 miles on the bike with lots of climbing - I'd estimate it at least half a mile - and really great scenery. Another $85 (ouch!) room, this time because it was Sandcastle Day (or something like that) and I got the last room in town. I figured out how to get my jersey off by unzipping it all the way and working it down over my shoulders, cleaned up, ate some black molasses bread, and spent the rest of the daylight walking along the beach. It is a great beach and I felt very peaceful walking on it. Another good day.

Cannon Beach , Haystack Rock

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