Day 19
Browning Montana

The plains were gorgeous as we (another day riding with Kathy and Justin) headed east on highway 2. A nice tail wind helped. I used to live in western Kansas, so it was a bit like coming home. I really enjoyed the ride. We stopped in Browning for an early lunch and in Cutbank for a late lunch. Justin call Madison to have his bike store ship him a new front tire for the recumbent. They decided to ship it to Williston, ND.

Highway 2 had shoulders some of the time, but other times it was 'white line riding.' This was only a problem near towns, and there weren't too many of those. We actually had to pull off the road to let some backed up traffic by after Browning, but most of the day the traffic was light. I spent most of the day enjoying the big sky and the High Line, the railroad line that parallels highway 2, rather than worrying about the traffic. The ride was a bit hilly with about 1000 feet of climbing in 75 miles.

When we rode into Shelby, we saw another tourist who directed us to a campground. I wasn't interested in camping. Kathy and Justin wanted to camp, but they needed to grocery shop first. I found a great motel (Williams Court - $29 for nice kitchenette with two rooms, the best motel buy of the tour). At the motel the owners told me that a bicycling couple from Kenya had stayed in the same room the night before. Then I found Kathy and Justin at a grocery store. We discussed the next days destination, Havre, and they said they would get an early start on the long (100 miles) ride. I planned a later start but figured I'd catch up with them during the day.

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