CSCI 201 labs -- Introduction to Algorithm Design

There are fourteen (or perhaps due to snow days, thirteen) CSCI 201 lab exercises to be completed this term. All lab exercises will be completed on the CSCI Linux workstation in Robinson 004. If you are unable to attend your "normal" lab session, you must attend another section when it covers the missed lab to receive credit. If possible, contact the instructor of the new lab section to prior to attending that lab section.

Lab meeting times

201.0L2 T 1:45-3:25 PM, RH004 J. Dean Brock
201.0L3 T 6:00-7:40 PM, RH004 Rebecca Bruce
201.0L4 W 3:20-5:00 PM, RH004 Rebecca Bruce
201.0L6 F 10:00-11:40 PM, RH004 J. Dean Brock
201.0L7 F 12:20-2:00 PM, RH004 Rebecca Bruce
201.0L8 R 3:10-4:50 PM, RH004 Joe Daugherty

Lab Exercises

Due to "adverse weather" labs will sometimes to missed. We may handle this situation by scheduling make-up labs, or we may just begin the lab week on a day other than Tuesday. (There are no Monday labs.)

Each "week", all lab sections will work the same lab exercise. The lab exercises will be posted at the start of the week in which they will be worked.

Lab start Lab end Lab Exercise
Jan 14 W Jan 16 F No Labs This Week
Jan 19 T Jan 24 F Logging In
Introduction to Linux
Feb 27 T Jan 31 F Introduction to NetBeans
Feb 3 T Feb 7 F Variables
Numbers and expressions
Feb 10 T Feb 14 F Applets
Make a face
Feb 17 T Feb 21 F Relational Operators and the Math Class
Feb 24 T Feb 28 F Loops
Mar 2 T Mar 6 F JavaDoc
Mar 8   Mar 12   Spring Break: No Labs This Week
Mar 16 T Mar 20 F Object Oriented Programming
Mar 23 T Mar 27 F complete Object Oriented Programming begun last week
Mar 30 T Apr 3 F Reference Variables
Apr 6 T Apr 10 F Arrays
Apr 13 T Apr 17 F Arrays of Objects
Apr 20 T Apr 24 F Threads and Animation
No Wednesday Lab This Week
Apr 27 T May 1 F I/O and Exceptions