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Day 1: Charlotte US to Erding Germany

Day 2: Around Erding

Day 3: Erding to Regensburg

Day 4: Regensburg to Passau

Day 5: Passau to Mauthausen Austria

Mauthuasen Concentration Camp

Day 6: Mauthausen to Melk

Day 7: Melk to Tulln

Day 8: Vienna

Day 9: Tulln to Mikulov CZ

Day 10: Mikulov to Kunovice CZ

Day 11: Kunovice CZ to Hlohovec SK

Day 12: Hlohovec SK to Gyor HU


Day 13: Gyor to Nasd HU

Day 14: Nasd HU to ? SLO

Day 15: ? SLO to Skofja Loca

Day 16: Skofja Loca to Kranjska Gora

Day 17: Kranjska Gora to Tolmin: Vrsic!

Day 18: Tolmin SOL to Donna Di Piave IT


Day 19: Donna Di Piave to Florence, by train IT

Day 20: Florence to Castel San Gimignano

Day 21: Castel San Gimignano to Bastia Corsica FR

Day 22: Bastia to Calvi

Day 23: Calvi to Saint Saturnin

Day 24: Saint Saturnin to Malaucene: Mt Ventoux

Day 25: Malaucene to Arles

Day 26: Arles to Chames

Day 27: Chames to Mont Lozere

Day 28: Mont Lozere to Roquefort

Day 29: Roquefort to Albi

Day 30: Albi to Carjac

Day 31: Carjac to Villefranche

Day 32: Villefrance to Tulle

Day 33: Tulle to Herment

Day 34: Herment to Vichy

Day 35: Vichy to Montceau des Mines

Day 36: Montceau des Mines to Dole

Day 37: Dole to Clerval

Day 38: Clerval to Eguishsheim

Day 39: Equisheim to Strasbourg

Day 40: Strasbourg to Magstadt GR

Day 41: Magstadt to Heidelburg

Day 42: Heildelburg to Heidesheim

Day 43: Heidesheim to Limburg

Day 44: Limburg to Kirchhain

Day 45: Kirchhain to Eisenach

Day 46: Eisenach to Kolleda

Day 47: Kolleda to Leipzig

Day 48: Leipzig to Bremen

Day 49: Bremen to Cloppenburg

Day 50: Cloppenburg to Valthe NL

Day 51: Valthe to Nunspeet

Day 52: Nunspeet to Hilversheim

Day 53: Hilversheim to Schiphol

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