Tulln, looking out my hotel room window

Last night was not good for sleeping. I had maybe 4 hours of not very good sleep: I stayed up to late working on my web pages, I had two cups of strong coffee with my late supper to help me stay up, and I visited a concentration camp. All these things and more kept me from sleeping well. It was good for writing ride reports since instead of sleeping I was working on the computer.

Today I wanted to ride to someplace where I could easily take the train into Vienna for a day and then ride northeast to Mikulov CZ the next day. Tulln fit the bill and, because there was no room at the pension down the street, I'm at an even more upscale hotel than last night. This one claims to be four stars - I'm not sure what that means in Austria - it is pretentious enough that I initially rejected it. But it is nicer than last nights room and cost only 59 Euros a night for their smallest room which is the biggest room I've stayed in on this tour It also has a very helpful staff whose services I have needed to help me find internet access - alas only for reading email and to tell me what I needed to know about taking the train to Vienna tomorrow.

Here it feels almost like I'm riding the Blueridge Parkway

But this is what I just rode past...

There were some neat buildings, and even neater ruins allong the route today. As I ride I often think "This feels a lot like some place in north america." Then I see the ruin of a fortress that was built before Europeans knew America existed.

About half of the riding today was on roads along the river, almost all of the other half was on paved bike paths, and a mile or two was on dirt paths.

Riding along the river means flat riding - almost always - and great views of the river and the towns on both sides. I saw a lot of tour boats today, starting with one that was getting ready to load passengers at Melk. All of the tour boats I saw today were heading upstream - that is slower since the current is pretty strong on most of this river.

During the later part of the day, the land opened up. It felt like I was riding in a river delta instead of a river valley. It also became much more rural. I sometimes rode for miles without seeing any signs of people.

Near the end of the day, the path became dirt for a few miles and I passed folks on road bikes. They passed me when the paving returned . My 700x32 TTs, which are, of course, marked 700x37, seem to be a very good width for this ride.

An atypical section with atypical riders

A typical section with typical riders

Several miles of the path were through vineyards

Since I won't be riding the Danau Radweg any more on this tour, I'll close with a very brief summary: Great, easy riding with stunning scenery, lots of history, plenty of services, and a very bicycle friendly environment. I started this tour on this route because it is the most popular bike route in Europe. I now know why 200,000+ bicycle tourists ride it every year. Highly recommended.
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