Now that is a castle!

After I left Mauthausen Concentration Camp, I rode back to the center of Mauthausen, looking for an electronics store. The nice folks at the gasthof had told me one was in the big shopping center half a mile or so east of the center of town. I found the store and bought a replacement power plug to use with my computer. Then I went to a nearby computer store and asked about Internet Cafes. "Not in Mauthausen, but there may be one in Perg." Perg is 12 km east on B3, so I headed there after eating lunch.

Since Perg is well away from the Danau, I didn't think about taking the Danau Radweg. I did take one radweg, which said it went to Perg, but only lasted for half a mile! So, the road goes on forever, but the radweg often ends! I got back on B3 which was, at this point, a busy road with wide lanes and a narrow, but rideable, shoulder. OK riding. So why did I see a sign which seemed to say No-Bicycles? Hmm, I'm headed to Perg and this is the only way I know to get there, so I'm going to ride it!

I stopped in Perg to ask about Internet Cafes. Nope. Then I got back on B3 heading east, but there was a No Bicycles sign on the entrance ramp. I got off at the next exit and checked my computer for alternate routing. It wasn't signed on the road, but it looked like I could head back towards the river and then work my way east. I tried it and, a few hundred meters south of B3, I found the Donau Radweg! So, if you see a no bicycles sign and the road appears fine for bicycling, look for a nearby bike path!

The best riding of the Radweg is often on small roads

This isn't all pastoral - there are factories

The city of Grein

The path followed a canal heading east towards the city of Grien. It was actually a small, very rural road. Later it was on bigger roads and eventually, it ended up back on B3. Finally it ended up back as a radweg along the river and pretty much stayed that way till Melk.

In Grein, I found an internet cafe! A non working Internet Cafe! We couldn't get to the net.

I rode on on B3 which, mostly, had a bike lane. The Radweg was on the other side of the river. When the bike lane went away, riding became more exciting. The lanes were narrow and there were big trucks going both ways. I never had a real problem, but I was passed at 50 mph or more by large trucks with less than 2 ft of clearance. It wasn't really comfortable riding...

It was certainly pretty!

Finally, just before Persenberg, I was able to cross the river to get back onto the Radweg. Riding was good after that.

The path ran runs right along the river until shortly before Melk

Ruins across the river shortly before Melk

When I rode into Melk, I decided to stay at the upscale Hotel Stadt Melk. 50 Euros a night including breakfast. One block away is a place advertising a room with a shower and breakfast for 20 Euros a night. However, this place is very nice and I do like the location!

It helps me understand why folks held nobility in awe.
That is one neighbor I wouldn't want to mess with!

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