My Original Routing

I'll be starting from near Istanbul on May 25th, and riding through the Balkans, Hungary, Poland and the Baltics to Tallin, Estonia. Then I'll ride/ferry/train - depending on timing, route, and my mood - to Hamburg, Berlin, Terezin in the Czech Republic, and end my tour in Stuttgart on August 3rd.

Day 1: Turkey
Day 2: Edirne, Turkey to Alexanderupolis, Greece
Day 3: Alexanderupolis to Komotini, Greece
Day 4: Komotini to Nea Kavala, Greece
Day 5: Nea Kavala to Serres, Greece
Day 6: Seres, Greece to Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Day 7: Blagoevgrad to Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Day 8: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria to Kocani,Macedonia
Day 9: Kocani to Prilep, Macedonia
Day 9a: Prilep, Macedonia
Day 10: Prilep to Ohrid, Macedonia
Day 10a:Ohrid, Macedonia
Day 11: Ohrid, Macedonia to Labinot Fushe, Albania
Day 12: Labinot Fushe to Durres, Albania
Day 12a:Berat and Durres, Albania
Day 13: Durres, Albania to Ulcinj, Montenegro
Day 14: Ulcinj to Tivat, Montenegro
Day 15: Tivat, Montenegro to Dunbrovnik, Croatia
Day 16: Ferry ride, Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia
Day 17: Split to Biograd, Croatia
Day 18: Biograd to ??, Croatia
Day 19: ?? to Rijeka, Croatia
Day 20: Rijeka, Croatia to Postojna, Slovenia
Day 21: Postojna to Skofja Loka,Slovenia
Day 22: Skofja Loka to Solcava ,Slovenia
Day 23: Solcava to near Maribor,Slovenia
Day 24: Maribor,Slovenia to Lenti, Hungary
Day 25: Lenti to Balatonfured, Hungary
Day 26: Balatonfured to Gyor, Hungary
Day 27: Gyor, Hungary to Levice, Slovak republic
Day 28: Levice to Levice, Slovak republic
Day 29: Levice, Slovak republic to Gyor, Hungary
Day 30: Komarno to Banovce , Slovak republic
Day 31: Banovce to Zilna, Slovak republic
Day 32: Zilna to Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovak republic
Day 33: Liptovsky Mikulas, to Poprad, Slovak republic
Day 34: Poprad, Slovak republic to Brzesko, Poland
Day 35:Brzesko to Debica, Poland
Day 36:Debica to Sandomeirz, Poland
Day 37:Sandomeirz to Zamosc, Poland
Day 38:Zamosc to Lublin, Poland
Day 39:Lublin to Warka, Poland
Day 40:Warka to Gostynin, Poland
Day 41:Gostynin to Torun, Poland
Day 42:Torun to Gniezno, Poland
Day 43:Gniezno to Poznan, Poland
Day 44:Jelinia Gora to a rural hotel, Poland
Day 45:A rural hotel, Poland to Hamburg, Germany

My Actual Route
The parts in Germany were by train