Fall 2015 CSCI 107 Schedule

There are two sections of CSCI 107. Both meet in RRO 004.

Because there are no extra computers in the lab, you will need to go to the section in which you are enrolled.

When UNC Asheville is following the Late Start Schedule, the class will meet ????????????

Date Topic
18 Aug The course & Beauty and Joy of Computing & Angry birds in Hour of Code
20 Aug Computational Thinking: A Digital Age Skill for Everyone, Computational Thinking and Thinking About Computing, Elements of programming & a start at Processing
25 Aug Way too much Processing
27 Aug Ridiculously too much Processing
1 Sep Databases – lecture and ancient lab 1 (parts I–II) & ancient lab 2 (parts I–IV) with example
3 Sep The state of databases & Difficult queries
8 Sep Class canceled, but review Kahn Academy lesson on Exponent Properties
10 Sep Analog to Digital — characters and numbers, Audacity preview lab,
15 Sep Encoding Sound Mini-Lecture, Audacity, Audacity lab
Pre-class viewing: RIP: A Renix Manifesto
17 Sep Tom’s Dinner, MP3 and MIDI
Bitmap Graphics
22 Sep Encoding and Using Color, Creative Computing with Semmy — GIMP Basics, & GIMP tutorials and GIMP Lab 1
24 Sep Recent lab pictures, Another introduction to GIMP & GIMP documentation and GIMP Lab 2
29 Sep Encoding color and compressing images and GIMP Lab 3
1 Oct Image Processing, Examples of kernels, Unsharp masking, The color of the dress according to science, Vector graphics, Bézier Curves & Inkscape lab 1 — the Basics
8 Oct brief exam 1 review & Inkscape lab 2 — Abstract backgrounds
13 Oct Exam 1
15 Oct GIMP/Inkscape project & Sticker Art Examples & Sticker Robot & Color Theory — Color Wheel & Inkscape lab 3 — Color schemas
20 Oct First look at HTML & HTML lab 1
Read: “Tutorial: Building a Complete HTML Document” in Part 1–Chapter 1 of Creating a Website: The Missing Manual
22 Oct HTML miscellany & HTML5 and a little CSS
Read: Part 1–Chapter 1 “Introducing HTML5” and Part 1–Chapter 2 “Structuring Page Semantic Elements” from HTML5: The Missing Manual
27 Oct CSS miscellany & the MDN CSS tutorial with a upload to moodle
Read: Appendix A “Essential CSS” from HTML5: The Missing Manual
29 Oct Continue on the MDN CSS tutorial perhaps with float and clear
To get on the path with Inkscape How to Put Text on Path
3 Nov JavaScript I & JavaScript II (lab)
5 Nov JavaScript III
10 Nov Exam 2 review & JavaScript III bis & JavaScript III & some GIMP/Inkscape submissions
12 Nov
17 Nov Exam 2
19 Nov HTML 5 canvas, JavaScript APIs and security, Ugly HTML/CSS pages
Using the Internet in Fall 1996, Exam 3 review
Reading: Browse at Your Own Risk
Foiling Electronic Snoops in Email
24 Nov
11:30 AM – 2:00 PM, 3 Dec Final exam for the 1:20 PM section
8:00 AM – 10:30 AM, 8 Dec Final exam for the 9:55 AM section