JavaScript APIs

Common JavaScript APIs


Example use of JavaScript API

Start out with the Google Maps Javascript API page and also look at the Simple Map example which won’t work and the W3Schools examle which will work.

Start up Brackets and create a web page with an embedded Google map. If you have trouble figuring out how to do this, use the view source command in your browser and start by copying what you see.

Example use of Facebook API

I’m trying to get this Facebook “like” API to work....

Again try to create Facebook “like” in your web page. If you have trouble just look, use the source.

What they know about you

Take a look at those JavaScripts program needed to run the Google Map and Facebook APIs.

There is a lot of program there. Over up the UNCA web page and then go to the developer tools on your browser. (I am using Chrome.) That a look at all the tabs on the tools windows: Elements, Network, Sources, etc. Look at all the JavaScript you are executing. Go into Resources and look at all the cookies you have downloaded.

Take a look around and then another at a major retail site such as Take a look at the Network tab to see all the activity. The Resource tab is full off third party cookies. It is not hard to keep up with you.

Keeping an eye on you

Go to the Panopticlick web page of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Test you browser to see how well your computer can be identified.

Can you live without JavaScript

Go ahead. Turn off JavaScript in your browser, if you can figure out how to. (In Chrome, it is one of the content settings.

What to upload

Upload at least one of your HTML pages (with JavaScript and CSS) to moodle.