Fall 2013 CSCI 255 Lecture Schedule

If you would like to see some of at the lectures and notes that the textbook authors used in Mississippi State, visit the ECE 3724 video lecture page.

At the first of the semester there will be a lot of blank entries in this schedule. As the semester progresses, they will be filled in. However, the planned topics page for this course contains a listing of the topics that will be covered during the semester.

Date Topic Readings & Notes
Aug 19 Introduction and Unsigned numbers pp. 4-8, Administration & arithmetic spreadsheet
Aug 21 Signed numbers pp. 140-145 & arithmetic
Aug 26 Characters and logic expressions pp. 28-30 and 12-22 & arithmetic and bit operations
Aug 28 Logic gates pp. 12-22 & circuit examples, digital logic
Sept 2
Sept 4 Nabs: an example development and implementation
Sept 9 Common modules useful modules & Memories, logic gates in Minecraft
Sept 11 Digital system design MSU ECE 3724 chapter 2 notes (video 1 & 2) and FSM & NSC
Sept 16 PIC: Data and memory MSU ECE  3742 notes, pp 10-34 (video)
Programmer’s view of the PIC
Sept 18
Sept 23 Discussion of homeworks 4 & 5
Sept 25 PIC: Addressing data Example PIC instructions
Sept 30 C’ing with PIC and C compiled for x86-64/amd64
Oct 2 Status in the PIC world & Exam 1 review
Oct 9 Exam 1
Oct 14 Control structures, Expression evaluation, and Odds & ends
Oct 16 Pointers, arrays and point arithmetic
Oct 21 Implementing functions and various stuff
Oct 23
Oct 28 daily news
Oct 30 Time and power
Nov 4 Exam 2 review
Nov 6 Exam 2
Nov 11 Exam 2 discussion
Nov 13 a little arithmetic
Nov 18 C pitfalls for the Java programmer
Nov 20
Nov 25 Pointers and Memory, Homework 10 practice and Final exam review
Dec 9 Final Exam from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM