Fall 2013 CSCI 255 Homework 4

This assignment is due between the labs in RRO 223 or to my office assistant in RH 215 or at the HW4 moodle page by 6:00 PM on 18 September.

Problem 1

A 8 GB memory has a 16-bit word size. How many 16-bit words can be stored in this memory?

Problem 2

A 8 MB memory has a 16-bit word size. How many bits are required to address this memory?

Problem 3

A computer memory consists of 24-bit words stored in 2M locations. What is the size of this memory in bytes?

Problem 4

Below are four addition problems. Convert the numbers in these problems into 8-bit twos-complement and then add as 8-bit twos-complement. Some of these additions will result in overflow.

Indicate the result of each addition and note if the addition results in overflow.