ECE 209 Homework

Grading of assignments

Homework assignments must be turned in via the UNCA Moodle system. Each homework assignment will have a strict deadline enforced by Moodle. Do not expect homework submitted after the deadline to be graded.

The total number of points given for homework assignments will vary to reflect the weight of each assignment in computing the homework component of the final grade.

Oh say, can you C?

NCSU ECE 209 does seem to be targeted for editing, compiling, and executing programming using the Linux command line. If you don't have Linux on your home computer, you can remotely connect to the NCSU Virtual Computing Lab complete your assignments.

However, I think you'd be happier setting up the NetBeans IDE on your home computer. This can be done for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux following the directions in Configuring the NetBeans IDE for C/C++/Fortran.

For Windows, you must download a C compiler. I suggest you use Cygwin rather than MinGW. Do not use Visual Studio! It is too MicroSoft specific and will not work with C examples used in this class.

If you use NetBeans, create a project by starting with the menu choices FileNew Project..., to bring up a window appropriately labeled New Project.

From there select C/C++ from Categories and C/C++ Application from Projects. Then mash Next.

The next window is labeled New C/C++ Application. The default Project Name is something like CppApplication5. This is useless. Change it to something like ECE209HW3. You also need to note, and probably change, your Project Location. This is where you will find your program to download it to moodle.

There is a pulldown on the right side of the screen where you choose between C and C++. Be sure you have selected C. This is also the place where you will name your main routine. Often this will be required for an assignment. Then mash Finish.

Once you have opened a new project, it is best to go to the Project pane to close older projects. Otherwise, they will keep getting in the way.

ECE 209 Homework assignments

Number Due Date Points
1 11:00 PM on 30 August 25
2 11:00 PM on 6 September 25
3 11:00 PM on 13 September 25
4 11:00 PM on 20 September 25
5 11:00 PM on 27 September 25
6 11:00 PM on 4 October 25
7 11:00 PM on 13 October 50
8 11:00 PM on 25 October 50
9 11:00 PM on 1 November 50
10 10:00 AM on 8 November 50
11 11:00 PM on 12 November 25
12 11:00 PM on 29 November 75
13 2:00 PM on 2 December 50
14 10:00 AM on 5 December 100