Project P8

A small project

This is a not-quite-as-small programming project. It will be due on Tuesday, October 25. This assignment will count 50 points, twice the value of a programming exericise.

There will be another overlapping not-quite-as-small programming project due on Tuesday, November 1.

Due dates

This assignment must be submitted as a single file to the Moodle submission page for Project P8 by 11:00 PM on Tuesday, 25 October.

Preparation for the assignment

After you have created your project, add a C source file called picture.c that contains nothing more than a declaration of an array called picture. Take a look a good look at picture and make sure you can see five boxes.

Each of these boxes can be described by the coordinates of its upper-left and lower-right points. Take the box in the upper-left corner. Its upper-left coordinates are (4,5) and its lower-right coordinates are (12,12). If this confuses you a little, keep in mind that computer programmers (like television engineers) measure the y-axis from the top, not from the bottom.

The assignment

In this assignment your program must find all the rectangular boxes within picture and print their upper-left and lower-right coordinates. You can assume that all boxes are at least one space from an edge, have a length and width of two are more, and are separated by at least one space.

Similar to Project P7, place the following statement before the main routine to use this array.
        extern char picture[64][64] ;

To verify that your program is correct, you can compare your output with my output for the picture included with this assignment.

Same advice as last time

Do not try to write this program in one setting!