Project P13

This is a 50-point project that must be submitted to the Moodle submission page for Project P13 by 2:00 PM on Friday, 2 December. We are going to try to work this in the lab for students who have a working Project 10.

The assignment

Add an incomplete C++ class Stoplight in your Project 10 solution and use the extended class to simplify (hopefully) your solution.

Getting started

Go ahead and create an Arduino sketch called Project13 and cut-and-paste your Project 10 solution into your new Arduino sketch. Go ahead and compile the sketch to make sure this part of the process has worked well.

Then unzip the two-file ZIP into your Project13 sketch directory. You will also need to add the two files to your sketch.

One of these new files will be Stoplight.h, the specification for the Stoplight class. The other will be Stoplight. , an implementation of the Stoplight class.

With these two files added, compile your sketch and make sure there are no errors.

Programming with class

Modify your sketch so that it uses the Stoplight class to control the lights. This may not result in a smaller program, but it should put you in a classy mood.

Extending the class

Add at least one method to your class. I suggest something like red2green which changes a light from red to green. Of course, other possibility include green2yellow and yellow2red.

The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to say you have dabbled with object-oriented program. That’s all.