CSCI 201 labs -- Introduction to Algorithm Design

There are twelve CSCI 201 lab exercises to be completed this term. All lab exercises will be completed on the CSCI Linux workstation in Robinson 004. If you are unable to attend your "normal" lab session, you must attend another section when it covers the missed lab to receive credit. If possible, contact the instructor of the new lab section to prior to attending that lab section.

Lab meeting times

201.0L1 M 12:20-2:00, RH004 Rebecca Bruce
201.0L2 T 1:20-3:00 PM, RH004 Svetlana Peltsverger
201.0L3 T 6:00-7:40 PM, RH004 Joe Daugherty
201.0L5 W 12:20-2:00, RH004 Karlyn Barilovits
201.0L6 R 9:00-10:40 AM, RH004 J. Dean Brock

Lab Exercises

To accomodate the UNCA holiday schedule, lab weeks begin on Tuesday at the beginning of the term. Also, UNCA holidays are not explicitly listed in this schedule.

  Lab start Lab end Lab Exercise Lab ZIP
1 Jan 18 T Jan 24 M Logging In
Introduction to Linux
2 Jan 25 T Jan 31 M Introduction to Netbeans
3 Feb 1 T Feb 7 M Numbers and expressions
Verifying file transfer
4 Feb 8 T Feb 14 M Graphics classes I
Graphics classes II
5 Feb 15 T Feb 21 M Using the Math class
Using NetBean's Forms Constructor
6 Feb 22 T Feb 28 M Objects
7 Mar 1 T Mar 14 M Conditionals
8 Mar 15 T Mar 24 R References
9 Mar 28 M Mar 31 R Loops
10 Apr 4 M Apr 7 R Threads and Animation
Nice printing in Java
11 Apr 18 M Apr 21 R Array operations
Array Modification
12 Apr 25 M Apr 28 R I/O and Exceptions