CSCI 201 Fall 2000

Assignment 6

Problem 8.5 on page 389

This program is partially written for you using arrays in the file wordArray.cpp. Your assignment is to complete the program wordArray.cpp and then to work problem 8.5 again using tvectors instead of arrays. The program using tvectors should be called wordVector.cpp. Both files, wordArray.cpp and wordVector.cpp should be submitted to your 201 ftp directory to receive full credit for this assignment. The program wordArray.cpp reads words from a file called stringFile1.txt, be sure to include that file in your project directory. In order to use tvectors to solve problem 8.5, you will need to include tvector.h and tvector.txt in your project directory as well.

Programming Style

Note that 10% of your program grade is based on the readability of your program. This includes things like style, comments, and the naming of variables and functions. Make sure you include a comment at the top of each program with your name, course and purpose of the program specified.

// Name: YOUR NAME HERE // // Course: CSCI 201 // // Purpose: purpose of program here //

Submitting Programs

As stated above, the programs written for this assignment must be turned in by transferring the C++ source code files to your ftp directory for this class. Only the source code files (i.e., wordArray.cpp and wordVector.cpp) should be turned in. You were shown how to transfer files to your class ftp directory in lab01, here is a quick repeat.