CSCI 201 Lab 1 -- Submitting assignment to your FTP account

What you need to know to start

You must know four things in order to make the dropoff.

The location of your project

This is the location you specifed when you filled in the New dialog box to create your project. In the example below, the location of the project is C:\Files\Home0X.
New project dialog

The names of the files to copy

Your instructor's homework assignment will specify the names of the files you are to create and copy to your FTP dropoff directory. Generally these files will be C++ source files. In the example below the name of the file is AssignX.cpp.
New file dialog

Your bulldog user id

This should be something like wjclinto, that is, your initials followed by the first six letters of your last name.

Your secret dropoff code

This was given to you by your instructor. It is your bulldog user id follow by four secret numbers. It will be something like wjclinto1357.

Making the drop

You'll need to run an FTP client in order to dropoff your program. Although there are many FTP clients for MS Windows, we are going to use the command line FTP client that is packaged with MS Windows in this example. It's certainly not the best or simplest FTP, but it is one you are guaranteed to have on your PC.

Here are the steps you need to make.

Bring up an MS/DOS command prompt

Go to your Start menu and select the item labeled Command Prompt. This should bring up a window with the following icon in its upper-left hand corner.
MS/DOS icon

Connect to your program's device

Remember that your program was stored in a directory with a name similar to C:\Files\Home0X. The letter before the colon is a device selector. Type your device selector followed by a semi-colon. In our example case, you'd type

Connect to your program's directory

Now connect to your program's directory with the cd command. Following our example we type:

Your MS/DOS prompt should change to be the name of this directory.

At this point, you should also type the MS/DOS command dir to make sure the files you wish to transfer are in the directory.

Start up FTP

Type ftp This should connect you to the UNCA CSCI FTP server and ask for a user id. This interaction will look like:

Giving a user id and password

Type the three letters ftp as your user id and then type your bulldog e-mail address (for example, as your "password". The "password" will not be echoed when you type it.

You should then get a message stating that you have connected to the anonymous FTP server of the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Asheville.

Connecting to the CSCI 201 dropoff directory

At the ftp> prompt, type cd pub/201 to connect to the master dropoff directory for CSCI 201. The interchange will look something like:

Connecting to your dropoff directory

Now use FTP's cd command to connect to your secret dropoff directory. This should look like:

Transfering your files

For each file you are to transfer, type put followed by the file name.

Getting out of FTP

Type quit at the ftp> prompt.

Getting out of MS/DOS

Finally type exit and the MS/DOS command window should disappear.