CSCI 201 -- Introduction to Algorithms






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Tentative Course Schedule


Attendance Policy:

Lectures: A roll is not taken. Students are expected to attend all class lectures. Failure to do so will be considered a lack of interest in success on the part of the student.

Laboratories: It is especially important that you attend all labs. If you must miss a lab for illness or other emergency and if there is a free seat in a another lab during that week you may be able to make arrangements to take the lab at that time. After the week has passed you very definitely will not be able to make up the lab and you will receive a score of zero for that week's lab.

Exams and Quizzes: If you must miss an exam or quiz due to illness you must telephone the instructor before the scheduled time and perhaps something can be arranged to avoid a zero for this exam or quiz. Failure to notify the instructor prior to the scheduled time will produce an automatic zero for the quiz or exam.

Policy on Assignments:

Assignments will be given in class at least two weeks before the assignment is due. These assignments can involve:

The program writing projects are your way of telling the instructor about your mastery of this course. Because this is a course about writing programs you are expected to take these assignments very seriously. Your programs must be clearly different than those turned in by others in the class and represent a unique and special effort on your part. For full credit, your programs should adhere to the programming style guidelines provided here. All programming assignments should be submitted to your 201 ftp directory as demonstrated in lab01 and described again here.

Policy on Late Assignments:

Not accepted. This policy is regrettable but necessary. Students are responsible for turning in their homework on time.

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