CSCI 255 lab schedule

Date Topic Reading
Jan 14 CSCI 255 introduction
Jan 21 For people who haven't used the Linux lab
Late start at 11:45
Jan 26 C Learning C from Java
Jan 28
Feb 2 C I/O Wiki Books
C Programming/File IO
Feb 4 Snow day at UNCA
Feb 9 C I/O Wiki Books
C Programming/File IO
Feb 11
Feb 16 Arduino 1 Duemilanove
Feb 18
Feb 23 Arduino 2 Language Reference
Feb 25
Feb 27 Lab Assignment 1 due at 5:00 pm
Mar 2 Snow day at UNCA
Mar 4 No lab -- keeping in step with Monday
Mar 9 & 11 Spring Break
Mar 16 Arduino 3 & 4 Language Reference
Mar 18
Mar 23
Mar 25
Mar 30 Switch bounce
Apr 1
Apr 6 Analog I/O
Apr 8
Apr 13 Depending on what you've done the last couple of weeks, try one of the bounce count, analog I/O, or a remotely produced Piezo speaker lab.
Apr 15
Apr 20 Use a variable voltage source and a Piezo speaker to create a musical instrument.
Apr 22
Apr 27 Add a switch and/or a photoresistor to your music circuit to vary the sound. You can use your program from last week or a simpler one.
Apr 29
May 4 Lab quiz in Robinson 223: Given a few example programs from the lab and describe the purpose of selected lines of code. All must attend!