Spring 2005 CSCI 173 schedule

Assigned readings and lecture notes are included in this table. As the semester progresses, topics will be assigned to specific dates.

Class meetings

Date Topic Reading
W, 12 Jan Introduction Web pages
W, 19 Jan Security and encryption Read Sensible Authentication by Bruce Schneier from the Februrary 2004 issue of Queue, How PGP Works, howstuffworks's "How Encryption Works", and a bit of Phil Zimmerman's web page. Skim chapters 1 to 5 of RSA Security's Official Guide to Cryptography by Steve Burnett and Stephen Paine. This is available to UNCA students through NetLibrary.
M, 24 Jan
W, 24 Jan
M, 31 Jan
W, 2 Feb Storage Read howstuffworks's "How Hard Disks Work", howstuffworks's "How IDE Controllers Work", and PC Guide's Hard Disk Drives tutorial, Quickly read You Don't Know Jack About Disks by Dave Anderson from the June 2003 issue of Queue. This computer journal is available to UNCA students through on line catalog.
M, 7 Feb
W, 9 Feb
M, 14 Feb Files Read my Unix File Permissions page and read Part 2 and Tasks 246, 247, and 252 of the on-line (to UNCA students) book Windows XP in 10 Steps of less by Bill Hatfield, and take a peek at FAT16 FileSystem.
W, 16 Feb
M, 21 Feb HTML Read Chapters 1 though 4 of the on-line (to UNCA students) book HTML Based On Schaum's Outline by David Mercer.
W, 23 Feb
M, 28 Feb UNCA classes canceled due to snow
W, 1 Mar CSS Read Chapter 8 of the on-line (to UNCA students) book HTML Based On Schaum's Outline by David Mercer.
M, 14 Mar Quiz 1 review
W, 16 Mar In-class quiz 1
Final exam: Friday, 6 May, 11:30 AM to 2:00 PM
M, 21 Mar XML From the on-line (to UNCA students) books read chapter 1 of Beginning XML by Kurt Cagle and read Chapter 2 of the Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of XML by Ed Tittel. And skim the W3C XML recommendation.
W, 23 Mar Database From the on-line (to UNCA students) books read as much of How to Do Everything with Microsoft Access 2003 by Virginia Anderson as you can.
M, 28 Mar Charles Massey's database notes
W, 30 Mar SPAM Read Spam: Technologies and Policies by Joshua Goodman or the similar article Stopping SPAM by Goodman, Heckermann, and Rounthwaite in the April 2005 issue of Scientic American and read Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automaticaly by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, and John Langford from the February 2004 issue of Communications of the ACM, available on-line to UNCA students.
M, 4 Apr
W, 6 Apr
M, 11 Apr TV Today For reference, look at the National Television System Committee tutorial page.
M, 18 Apr MPEG The on-line, to UNCA students, book MPEG Video: Compression Standard by Joan L. Mitchell, William B. Pennebaker, Chad E. Fogg, and Didier J. LeGall is an extensive resource for this topic. The tutorial page for the MPEG organization also has many good references.
W, 20 Apr
M, 25 Apr
W, 27 Apr Presentations by Graduating Seniors and CSS encryption
F, 6 May Presentations by everyone else
Class starts at 11:30