UNCA CSCI 173 -- Spring 2005

This page is a brief index of all class handouts, particularly homework assignments, for UNCA course CSCI 173 Fluency with Information Technology.

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Official Course Description

Literate computer users are masters of everyday computer tools. Fluent computer users understand the principles of information technology and can apply those to master emerging IT technology. This course is about fluency. Students will learn about a bit about computer and network hardware, software packages, and even programming. We'll also study why computer fails as tasks you've been doing since kindergarden, such as, finding the bunny in the picture.

Students in the Computer Science and Multimedia programs are encouraged to take this course as a substitute for CSCI 107.

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Here are some links for syllabus, assignments, quizzes, and useful on-line class readings. As the semester continues more will appear.