Spring 2005 CSCI 173 lab schedule

As the semester progresses, topics will be assigned to specific dates.

Lab meetings

Date Topic Reading Description
F, 14 Jan No lab. Still installing computers in RH 004
F, 21 Jan Login and SSH PuTTY User Manual by Simon Tatham and SSH tips, tricks & protocol tutorial by Damien Miller. Labs 1 & 2
F, 21 Jan GnuPG
F, 4 Feb No lab today. Instructor is visiting Southwestern Community College.
F, 11 Feb Files and directories on Windows CSCI 107 files lab as needed Lab 3
F, 18 Feb Disks and files   Lab 4
F, 25 Feb Powerpoint   CSCI 107 PowerPoint Presentation Lab 1
CSCI 107 PowerPoint Presentation Lab 2
F, 4 Mar HTML Be sure to tell the instructor where you stored your lab. HTML lab
F, 18 Mar XML   XML lab
F, 1 Apr Access It's all the CSCI 107 labs; however, save the files in you My Documents rather than in C:\files. Lab 1 and Lab 2 level 1 or Lab 2 level 2.
F, 8 Apr Instructor sick
F, 15 Apr Compression, Color, and Images Lab description
F, 22 Apr Excell and DCT Lab description
F, 29 Apr In-lab Quiz 2