Fall 2013 CSCI 202 Homework 10

This assignment must be completed by 10:10 AM on 9 November, and uploaded to the Homework 10 moodle page. You should upload the following three classes: RotatedRectangle.java, Pumpkin.java and Home10Sketch.java .

This lab is a natural extension of Homework 9 and the 29 October pumpkin lab.

Implementing an interface — once

Take your RotatedRectangle solution for Homework 9 and modify it to implement the ProcessingDrawable2D interface of the pumpkin lab. The only real work you need to do beyond Homework 9 is writing the draw class.

Continue to call this class RotatedRectangle and place it in the edu.unca.cs.csci202 package.

Implementating an interface — twice

Take your Pumpkin class from the pumpkin lab and make sure it implements the ProcessingDrawable2D interface. This should require you to add two words to your code.

Using the interface

Next, following the directions in the pumpkin lab, implement a Processing sketch similar to the Halloween class of the pumpkin lab that draws all the elements of an single array (or single ArrayList) of ProcessingDrawable2D objects created for your sketch.

Call this class Home10Sketch and place it in the edu.unca.cs.csci202 package.

It is not necessary for your Home10Sketch to perform an animation, but you will not get more than 90% on the assignment if the display of the sketch is completely static.

Starting it off

Use the following Java class to start your program running.

package edu.unca.cs.csci202;

import processing.core.* ;
// add core.java in the core/library subdirectory of processing

 * @author J Dean Brock <brock@unca.edu>
public class Home10Starter {
     * @param args the command line arguments
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        PApplet.main(new String[]{"edu.unca.cs.csci202.Home10Sketch"}) ;