Fall 2013 CSCI 202 Homework 9

This assignment must be completed by 1:45 PM on 29 October, and uploaded to the Homework 9 moodle page. You should upload only your ColorfulRectangle.java and TesterHW9.java files.


In this assignment you will create a new class using inheritence. This is another small example that you should be able do complete within a couple of hours.

Getting starting

Start by creating a Java application where the main class is called TesterHW9 and resides in the edu.unca.cs.csci202 package.

Next download a copy of the RotatedRectangle class and add it to your project. This RotatedRectangle is very close to being a solution for Homework 7 but has been modified to use doubles rather than ints to store x, y, width, and height values for the rectangle. This was done to make it a little simpler to interface the RotatedRectangle with Processing. This class also contains the iterator method that was written in lab on 10 October.

Task One

Define a new class ColorfulRectangle that extends Rotating Rectangle by introducing operations for storing a color for the rectangle. I realize that it might be more natural to use aggregation rather than inheritance, but we do need an inheritance exercise during the semester.

Represent the color of the rectangle with a single 32-bit integer. This isn’t near as sophisticated as Java’s Color class, but it’s similar to the way color is represented in both the Processing programming language and graphic accelerator cards.

To effectively do this, you need to add a new field for the stored color and implement appropriate accessor and mutator methods and a new toString method.

public int getColor() ;
public void setColor(int) ;
public String toString() ;

You also need some constructors. We’re going to have six in all. Add four constructors similar to the those developed for the RotatedRectangle in Homework 6. None of these four will require more than two Java statements in the body. Be sure to initialize the color in all of these constructors.

Add a constructor that can be used to initialize all six internal fields in the following order, x, y, width, height, rotation and color. And finally, implement a copy constructor.

Task Two

Add a few lines of code in the main method of DriverHW9 to construct objects with all six of your constructors and to test your getColor and setColor methods. Use your toString method to print the contents of your ColorfulRectangle objects.