CSCI 201 labs -- Introduction to Algorithm Design

Lab meeting times

201.0L1 F 1:15-2:55 PM, RH004 Mark Boyd
201.0L2 F 3:15-4:55 PM, RH004 Mark Boyd
201.0L3 W 6:00-7:40 PM, RH004 J. Dean Brock
201.0L4 M 8:00-9:40 AM, RH004 Susan Reiser
201.0L5 M 1:15-2:55 PM, RH141 Charlie Wallin
201.0L6 M 3:15-4:55 PM, CH242 Charlie Wallin
201.0L7 M 6:00-7:40 PM, CH242 Charlie Wallin

Lab topics

Week Lab page
14-16 August no lab
19-23 August Introduction for Linux (labs 1 to 4)
Introduction for Windows (labs 5 to 7)
26-30 August Introduction to jGRASP
3-6 September no lab due to Labor Day holiday
9-13 September Numbers and expressions
Use this if the above doesn't work
16-20 September Applets
23-27 September Conditional statements
30 September-4 October Making faces
7-8 October no lab due to Fall break
14-18 October Loops
21-25 October Using classes
28 October-1 November Writing classes
4-8 November Interfaces
11-15 November Arrays
18-22 November Inheritence
25-26 November No lab due to Thanksiving holiday
2-6 December Threads and Animation