Overcoming Technical Difficulties

Tuesda Roberts



Problem:  Audio-visual equipment fails to work at time of presentation



Context:  Any time audio-visual technology is needed during a presentation



Forces:    * Presenter needs to communicate the information they have gathered

     * The visual aids that will enhance the presentation are not available or fails to 

        work at time of the

     * The audience needs visual aids to better comprehend the information.



Solution:  Presenter should:

               * Request two types of audio-visual support

 * Save information on two different disks

 * Save information in two formats (Mac and PC)

 * Have slides or transparencies as a backup



Consequences:  The drawback to these solutions is that they may incur additional costs  

                            and will require more time for preparation.  Also, these alternative

                            means of presentation may not suit the needs of the presenter as well as

                            the original audio-visual equipment.



Rationale:  These efforts will provide alternative ways to present the information, and  

                    will help the presenter to proceed with their presentation despite unforeseen 

                    technical difficulties.



Known uses:  At the time of a presentation, I could not use the needed audio-visual

                        equipment  because the file had been saved in Mac format but the

                        equipment used PC format.  As a result, my presentation suffered.