Audio-Visual Limitations due to Poor Room Design


Stephanie Watts


Sometimes the design of a room may not be well suited for effectively using audio-visual equipment.



        Clear, well-placed audio-visuals have the ability to significantly enhance a presentation.

        The design of a room may limit the size or quality of projection made by audio-visual equipment.


If you know where you will be presenting, visit the room before your presentation. Decide on the best place to put your audio-visual equipment. Be sure you have ample room to move around. Be sure the A-V will be far enough away from the wall to make a large projection. If there is enough time and if permissible, rearrange any tables or chairs that may interfere with the best placement of the audio-visual equipment. If rearrangement is prohibited or impossible due to the room design, consider familiarizing someone with your presentation so he/she will be able to run your a-v for you. This solution will allow the projector to be placed in the back of the room, which will produce a larger projection.


You will need to make an effort to find out where you will be presenting. You will need to take time to visit the room to analyze it. If you rearrange any furnishings, you may need to put them back. You may need to familiarize another person with your presentation so he/she will be able to assist you.


Known Uses:
colloquium presentations, professional presentations, board meetings