Timed Presentations


Spence Brooks


  Any circumstance involving designing a presentation which is

limited to a certain period of time, but must communicate a great deal of



  It can be very difficult to organize material into an effective

presentation when the amount of relevant information cannot be effectively

communicated in the amount of time allotted.



- There is a large amount of material to present.

- The speaker must present the material in a limited period of time.

- The presenter wants to communicate the material effectively.

- It is difficult to discern what information can be excluded without

damaging the overall impact of the presentation.

- Too much information overwhelms the audience.


  The presenter must make some choices.  Foremost, the presenter

must decide to do one of two things: to examine one piece of research

thoroughly or to give a general overview of the entire project.  This means

that the presenter must be willing either to exclude a great deal of the

project from the presentation or to present the information in only a

superficial way. 


Known Uses:
  Any presentation with a time limit, including speeches,

research presentations, sermons.