Become Your Own AV


Monica Fauble



  People are put to sleep when they listen to a presentation that is

read instead of discussed (or explained) by the presenter.


  This is especially true when a presenter is actually a reader and no

AV is used other than the reader's good looks and smart style.


  Certain disciplines require that a lengthy text is read as is.


  Readers should inflect their voice.

Readers should use body language.

Readers should use direct eye contact.

Readers should use interesting word choice and vary syntax structure.  Readers

should not use this section as an example of how to deliver an essay.


  Readers might become drowsy despite the reader's attempt.  At

this point, the reader should unveil a cheap trick such as slapping the table

when discussing orgasm or acting out the text in another dramatic manner.


Known Uses:
  This information is especially pertinent to those in Creative

Writing, a discipline where language and the text itself are central.