Mgmt 491

Class Schedule
Section .03

If you print this schedule, be sure to view it often for updates.
Changes are possible any time, especially during the first two weeks after spring break and during the last two weeks of the semester.

January 28

February 4
  • HOTP: Josette Exprua, How Snapple Got Its Juice Back
  • Ethics: Josette, Mark, Bribery
  • Different Views Debate: Gerald, Evin, Paul, Social Responsibilities of Corporations
February 11
  • HOTP: Merritt Pryor, Not-so-super Ad Sales
  • HOTP: Amanda Moore, Ditching Its Dot-Com: E*Trade Group Plans Super-Bowl Regroup
  • Ethics: Amanda, Brooke, Anuj, Stealing in the Workplace
  • Teams formed for case and international assignments
  • Case segment #1 distributed
February 18
  • HOTP: Evin Ellis, Kmart: the flood waters are rising
  • Different Views Debate: Josette, James, Margarita, Quota Hiring
  • Case-in-progress presentation (segment 1): Mark, Evin
  • Written executive summary due (segment 1)
  • Case segment #2 distributed
February 25
  • HOTP: James Galloway, Chrysler Issues Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall
  • Ethics: Gerald, Melissa, Merritt, Downsizing
  • Case-in-progress presentation (segment 2): Brooke, Gerald, Margarita
  • Written executive summary due (segment 2)
  • Case segment #3 distributed
March 4
  • HOTP: Gerald Earnhardt, Does Rank Have Too Much Privilege
  • Different Views Debate: Merritt, Mark, Relationships in the Workplace
  • Case-in-progress presentation (segment 3): Merritt, Josette, James
  • Written executive summary due (segment 3)
  • Case segment #4 distributed

March 11-15 SPRING BREAK!

March 18

  • HOTP: Melissa Bradley, Why Should Anyone Believe You?
  • HOTP: Anuj Moondra, Vrroooom at the top
  • Ethics: Kim, Margarita, Product Liability
  • Different Views Debate: Amanda, Melissa, Brooke, Surveillance in the Workplace
March 25
  • HOTP: Kim Freeman, Reining In Drug Advertising
  • Ethics: James, Paul, Evin, Sexual Harassment
  • Case-in-progress presentation (segment 4): Melissa, Anuj
  • Written executive summary due (segment 4)
  • Case segment #5 distributed
April 1
  • HOTP: Brooke Morrison, The 2001 deals of the year: The Wachovia Slugfest
  • HOTP: Margarita Talavera, Program-Free Commercials
  • HOTP: Paul Cassara, Wal-Mart Enters Japan with Seiyu Stake
  • Different Views Debate: Kim, Anuj, Pricing/Discounting
April 8
  • HOTP: Mark Showalter, IndeCorp Plans to Brand Hotels for Conventions
  • Case-in-progress presentation (segment 5): Kim, Paul, Amanda
  • Written executive summary due (segment 5)
  • International: Mark, Evin, Brooke, Heineken Beer
April 15
  • International: Merritt, James, Josette, Toyota
  • International: Gerald, Margarita, Sony
  • International: Melissa, Anuj, Nokia Corp.
  • International: Kim, Amanda, Paul, Nestle
April 22
  • Final Case Presentations
April 29
  • Presentation Self-evaluation due
  • Project Retrospective
May 6:
  • Team Analysis Report Due
  • Internship presentations: Mark Showalter, Merritt Pryor