Mgmt 491

Class Schedule
Section .01

If you print this schedule, be sure to view it often for updates.
Changes are possible any time, especially during the first two weeks after spring break and during the last two weeks of the semester.

January 23

January 25 - Proposal for Ethics and Different Views presentations due

January 28 - Discussion of expectations for presentations and executive summaries

January 30

  • HOTP: Dominic Gillooly, Deciphering the Black Box
  • Ethics: Dominic, Mirza, Ethics in Financial Mgmt., Enron
February 4
  • HOTP: Jeanine Ammirati, New Leader, New Era
  • Different Views Debate: Kevin, Jeanine, Robby, Domestic Partner Benefits
February 6
  • Ethics: Jennifer, Jennifer, Affirmative Action in the Workplace
  • Myers-Briggs scores distributed and discussed
  • Case segment #1 distributed
February 11
  • HOTP: Donna Cottrell, How Amazon Cleared That Hurdle
  • Different Views Debate: Jason, Robert, Selling Unsafe Products
February 13
  • HOTP: Jennifer Harrison, Ford Is Set to Confirm It Will Build Crossover SUV With Car Features
  • Ethics: Donna, Hillary, Faith, Privacy Issues in the Workplace
February 18
  • HOTP: Robert Rittase, Modeling Regional Electric Power Markets and Market Power
  • Case-in-progress presentation: Jennifer H., Kevin
  • Executive summary case segment 1 due
  • Case segment #2 distributed
February 20
  • HOTP: Kevin Powell, Super Bowl Gets Competition
  • Different Views Debate: Jennifer, Jennifer, Mirza, Romantic Relationships in the Workplace
February 25
  • HOTP: Eric Larsen
  • Ethics: Jason, Robert, Age Selective
February 27
  • Case-in-progress presentation: Dominic, Faith, Hillary
  • Executive summary case segment 2 due
  • Case segment #3 distributed
March 4
  • HOTP: Jennifer Fowler, Detroit Again Tries To Dodge Pressures for A 'Greener' Fleet
  • Different Views Debate: Dominic, Different Views on Executive Compensation
March 6
  • HOTP: Jason Walker, BoSox Imbroglio Leaves Politicians Seeing Red
  • Ethics: Kevin, Jeanine, Robby, To Steal or not to Steal

March 11-15 SPRING BREAK!

March 18

  • Case-in-progress presentation: Jason, Robert
  • Executive summary case segment 3 due
  • Case segment #4 distributed
March 20
  • Different Views Debate: Donna, Faith, Hillary, Dress Code in the Workplace

March 25:

  • HOTP: Robby Joyner, Tyco Aims To Boost Shareholder Value With Break Up
  • HOTP: Faith Boyd, History not on side of tech titans' merger: Hewlett Packard/Compaq merger

March 27

  • HOTP: Hillary Tweed, Behind the Music: MCA Spent Millions on Pop Washout
  • Case-in-progress presentation: Mirza
  • Executive summary case segment 4 due
  • Case segment #5 distributed
April 1
  • MBTI & Teams - Keri Day Keller, UNCA Career Center

April 3:

  • Different Views Debate: Kevin, Jeanine, Robby, Benefits to Homosexual Partners

April 8

  • HOTP: Mirza Selimbegovic, Samsung's Golden Touch
  • Case-in-progress presentation: Jeanine, Jennifer F., Robby
  • Executive summary case segment 5 due
April 10
  • International: Jason, Robert, Donna, Toyota
  • International: Dominic, Faith, Hillary, Nestle
April 15
  • International: Robby, Jennifer F., Jeanine, Nissan
  • International: Jennifer H., Mirza, Kevin, Euro Disney
April 17 - 2nd Annual Spring Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creativity

April 22

  • Teamwork day

April 24

  • Final Case Presentation: Robby, Jeanine, Jennifer F.
  • Final Case Presentation: Jason, Donna, Robert
April 29
  • Final Case Presentation: Jennifer H., Mirza, Kevin
  • Final Case Presentation: Faith, Hillary, Dominic
May 1
  • Project Retrospective
May 6
  • Team Analysis Report Due
  • Pizza Day!
May 8
  • Presentation Self-evalution Due