Mgmt 386: Systems & Information Management

Instructor: Mary Lynn Manns

Drop-in office hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 1:30-2:45
If these hours are not convenient, you will need to make an appointment.

Class Schedule


!!!Special Presentations!!!
Everyone should plan to attend both of the following presentations.
As explained in handout #1, the special presentation that is scheduled outside your class time
replaces another class that will be cancelled.
For more information on cancelled classes, Click here

The Art of Requirements Gathering
April 3, 12:15, Owen 203
***Slides from this presentation available on the Class Schedule web page***
***Video on reserve at the library (in the media center)***

Control & Security Issues in Traditional & Emerging Computer Environments
April 17, 4:30, Owen 203
***Video on reserve at the library (in the media center)***

Student Presentations
Section .01
Section .02

Lab Notes
Building the Perfect Web Page
HTML Made Really Easy
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Bulldog (UNIX) commands
Steps for using WS_FTP
Creating data files in Microsoft Access 2000
Creating report files in Microsoft Access 2000


Online Journal Sites
Business Week Online
Information Week Online
Dot Com Advisor
Wired News
Fortune (Technology)
First Business Online

Student Web Pages
Things to put on your Mgmt386 web site
Student Web Pages, Spring 2001
Student Web Pages, Fall 2000

Other Useful References
A History of the Computer
Researching Companies Online