Items to put on your Mgmt386 web page

You are creating a professional, not a personal, web site.
It must not contain information or graphics that do not relate
to your client's organization.

Consider the following:
5 basic rules of web page design and layout
Top 10 Web Design Mistakes

Test your web page with various browsers-- it must work in any browser the client may choose to use.

Due Dates:
Iteration presentation dates are shown on the Class Schedule -- these are the only times the client will be available to view your web site. As explained in class, this is an effort to make the web site development experience as realistic as possible-- clients are not available anytime you want them to be. Therefore, if you cannot be present, you may wish to ask another "web site developer" (student in the class) to take notes for you.


SCOPE of the web site project: You will deliver one web site.

FEATURES for the web site project:

  1. Title and contact information of the organization
  2. Catchy slogan for the organization
  3. Pleasing colors
  4. At least one image (it must be appropriate for the content of the site)
  5. At least three pages
  6. In addition to the three pages on your web site-- links to other site(s) that relate to the organization

Requirements for the second and third iterations of the web site:
These will be given to each person, individually, when the client tests your first iteration and second iteration (in class).