UNIX Operating System Commands

These commands are done on the bulldog server when you see the following prompt:

ls will provide a list of all the files in your directory

rm will remove a file from your directory. For example:
rm junk.txt

cd will allow you to change to another directory. This command is often used to change to your public_html directory, as follows:
cd public_html

pico allows you to get into the editor. This command is followed by the name of the file you wish to edit. For example:
pico mywebpage.html
To exit the editor, hit the [control] and the [x] key

cp will copy the contents of one file to another file. For example:
cp fromthisfile.html tothisfile.html

openhomepage sets the permissions for the world to see your web page (required on UNCA student accounts)

logout will logout your session on the bulldog server