Mgmt 386

Class Schedule

August 19
  • Discussion of Handout #1: Course Policies
  • Why do managers need to understand information technology (IT)?
August 24
  • Reading due: Another Trip to Hell (business and technology errors that cause Information System projects to fail)
  • Information Technology (IT) systems (versus the technologies used to develop those systems)
  • Dates assigned for Hot Off the Press
August 26
  • The business person's role in developing IT systems
  • Teams and dates selected for Topic of the Week
August 31
  • Reading due: The Management Information Systems Organization (on electronic reserve at the UNCA library)
  • (Reminder: You will need your "bulldog" account and password in class on September 2)
September 2
  • Topic of the Week #1 due
  • Bring your "bulldog" account and password to class today
  • Logging on and off the bulldog computer (UNIX operating system)
    • Assigned Exercise: logging on and logging off (due in class on September 7)
  • Types of Software
  • Types of Programming Languages (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations)
September 7
  • Exercise due
  • UNIX operating system commands
    • Assigned Exercise: UNIX (due in class on September 14)
  • Types of Software / Programming Languages, continued
  • Readings due:
September 9
  • Dr. Manns will be at a conference in Illinois
September 14
  • Exercise due
  • Creating and editing a file in UNIX
    • Assigned Exercise: Create and edit a file (due in class on September 21)
    • Review Types of Software
September 16
  • Classes cancelled due to the weather
September 21
  • Exercise due
  • Topic of the Week #2 due
  • Creating a web page with HTML commands
    • Assigned Exercise: Create a web page (due in class on September 23)
  • Databases
September 23
  • Exercise due
  • Databases, continued
    • Readings due (on electronic reserve at UNCA library):
      • Database Management: Managing Data Resources
      • What's in it for me?
September 28
  • Exam I
September 30 October 5 October 7
October 12 October 14 October 19 October 21
  • Topic of the Week #5 due
  • 4th Generation Software Tools, continued
((Dr Manns will be in Canada at a conference on October 25-29))

October 26

  • Exam II
October 28
  • Time to work on web pages
November 2 November 4 November 9 November 11
  • Class simulation!!!! It is very important that you attend this class. There is no other opportunity to make up this simulation.
November 16
  • Project retrospective. It is very important that you attend this class. There is no other opportunity to be involved in the project retrospective for the simulation.
  • Handout #3: Simulation Report
November 18
  • Topic of the Week #7 due
  • Change Management: Introducing Innovations into Organizations
November 23
  • Simulation Report Due
  • Change Management, continued
November 30
  • Change Management, continued
December 2
  • Final versions of web page due
  • Change Management, continued
December 7
  • Final Exam