Mgmt 386

Analysis of Information Technology Mistakes

Whiteboard (WebBoard) Technology Assignment

DUE: March 20

15 points



Make a list of all the mistakes made by the organizations in the Another Trip to Hell reading assignment. For each "mistake" on your list:

a) include a short description

b) state whether it is a technological or nontechnological mistake, or both

c) identify the organization(s) that made this mistake

d) footnote who posted this information on WebBoard

You will not generate this list by yourself. You will generate this list through working as a team with others in this class and in the other section of this course. You will do this electronically through the use of WebBoard. Each person is responsible for making at least two posting to this whiteboard. These can be either a suggestion for a "mistake" to add to the list (with all the necessary information) and/or a suggestion to add to, delete, or edit/change someone elseís posting.


Each personís first posting must be made no later than midnight on March 4, and the second posting no later than midnight, March 15. This will allow everyone ample time to prepare his or her individual list in order to meet the due date of March 20.