MGMT 386

Assignment #3

15 points

Due: September 13


During the first weeks of the semester, we've discussed quite a few organizations (some were in the text, while others were not) that made use of IT to meet business needs and/or to solve business problems.

Locate two other organizations that are making use of IT to their meet business needs and/or to solve their business problems. These may not be cases that appear in the text or organizations you are expecting to use in your class reports (assignment #1).

For each organization, include four titled sections, as follows:

1) State the name of the organization, their location, and a summary of what the organization does.

2) Summarize the business need(s) and/or the business problem(s) they have or had. Be specific.

3) Explain what specific IT system they developed to meet their business need(s) and/or solve their business problem(s). Explain how their system met their need(s) and/or solved their problem(s).

4) Include the complete citation(s) of where you acquired the information.


Reminder: Review the requirements for all assignments under "Assignments" on handout #1.