Mgmt 386

Technology Paper

Topic request due: February 21

Paper and Presentation due: April 3

25 points

Emerging technologies by their very nature are changing daily. This creates a constant challenge for almost all managers.

Part 1

On or before February 21, submit a proposal, in writing or in email, for the technology you choose. There will be no duplicates; they will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Do not complete Part 3 of this assignment until your proposal has been approved in email or in writing.

Part 2

Review technical literature and develop a list of the newest emerging technologies that we may see in our personal and business lives over the next several years. Include a short description of each one.

Part 3

Choose one of these technologies and write a summary of it. Refer to and cite at least six 1998 through 2000 references.

This paper will have at least five sections with clear titles, as follows:

Part 4

Be prepared to present your report to the class on April 3rd.


Number of pages?? Ö I donít count pages.

Your written and oral presentation is expected, as with all work in this class, to be professional.