MGMT 386

Assignment #1

Short Reports about Technology in Business

20 points (2 reports at 10 points each)


You will do two short reports on technology-related articles that appear in business magazines (e.g. Business Week, Smart Business, Strategic Finance, Journal of Accountancy, Worth, Business North Carolina, etc. etc. etc.). All sources must be from the year 2000.

When you select an article, check the course web site to be certain that it has not been chosen by someone else. If it has not, email the complete citation to the instructor so that she can post it on the web.

A 5-minute presentation is fine. A one-page, single space summary is fine. Donít forget the complete citation.

Present your summary to the class on the date that you chose from the "hat." Your paper summary will be due on this same day.

Also, please attach a copy of the article. It will be returned to you.

NOTE: If you need to change your due date, you can do this only by exchanging days with another member of the class. You will need to take care of this yourself -- the instructor will not make any changes for you. However, if you get another student to change days with you, please notify the instructor so that it can be changed on the class schedule.