Extra credit opportunity
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Attend the following presentation on April 3rd, 4:30 - 5:45, at the Owen Conference Center...

Dr. Richard Colfax will be speaking at the event. He is an Human Resource Management professor from the University of Guam and he'll be talking about his work experiences in Japan and Guam and also about "global fit assessment" ... that is, about how we select/hire executives who fit well within the context of international businesses, where cultural, religious, economic and other ideologies are different than their own home countries. This might apply to U.S. managers going abroad or international managers coming here.

Title: Getting to the Right International Assignee (Expat); Application of the Global Fit Pyramid

Selecting the right person for a job is always difficult. Selecting the right person of an international assignment is even harder. The Global Fit Pyramid is a tool developed to assist international assignee (IA) decision makers. The Pyramid identifies a progressive decision making process which can help find the right .fit. for the IA and Assignment. This will be an interactive session where the Global Fit Pyramid is briefly introduced and participants try to apply the Pyramid.

About the Speaker

Dr. Richard Colfax, Ph.D., GPHR is Professor of Human Resource Management and the Professional MBA Coordinator at the University of Guam.s (UOG.s) School of Business and Public Administration. He has been at UOG for 14 years and lived in Japan for over 20 years before moving to Guam. He has more than 35 years of international business experience in the Pacific-Asia Region, including Japan, Guam & Micronesia. He graduated with undergraduate degrees from Sophia University in Japan, masters degrees from Azusa Pacific University and Fielding Graduate University and a doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University. A fluent speaker of Japanese, he has worked, consulted, trained and taught in various venues in the Asia-Pacific Region. He has been recognized as a leading regional educator as the 1999 CASE Carnegie Professor of the Year for Guam and the 1998 University of Guam (UOG) Teacher of the Year. His professional qualifications include Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR); Conflict Resolution (ADR) Mediator; MBTI Trainer; PATA certified Risk & Crisis Management Trainer, and International Human Resource Management (IHRM) Trainer. He has numerous articles and publications including the topic for today.s talk: Global Organizational Fit Pyramid for Global IT Team Selection which he co-authored with Dr. Karri T. Perez, PH.D., SPHR, GPHR. It is a chapter in the 2007 .Information Resources Management; Global Challenges.

Write a full 1-and-a-half to 2 page single-spaced paper (plus cover sheet) with 3 labeled sections as follows:

Paper will not be accepted after 5:00pm on Thursday, April 17th