Mgmt 386: Systems & Information Management

Instructor: Dr. Mary Lynn Manns

Drop-in office hours: Monday & Friday 1:15-2:15
Wednesday & Friday 11:00-12:00

If these hours are not convenient, you will need to make an appointment.

Teaching is my responsibility. But learning is your responsibility. This means that it is your responsibility to ask if there is something you don't understand or if you have any concerns. I am easily reachable in any of the following ways:
* during my office hours (above)
* by appointment outside my office hours
* via phone
* via email

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Class Schedule

"Topic of the Week"
You will do six of these: five short papers and one team paper/presentation/discussion.
For more information, see handout #1.
Topics and Due Dates (due dates almost every Friday)
Presentation Teams (section 01)
Presentation Teams (section 02)

"Hot Off the Press" Presentations
Complete reference must be emailed one week before presentation.
For more information, see handout #1.
Section .01
Section .02

Items to put on your Mgmt386 web page
Final web page due: Monday, May 5

Student Web Pages

Exam Dates:
Please note on handout #1: There are no make-ups or opportunities for early exams
Monday, February 24
Friday, April 4
(Comprehensive Final) University Final Exam Period


Citing References
Reminder: We will use the APA style in this class

The textbook for this class is a collection of online readings
which the students can print and put in a 3-ring binder.
See Class Schedule for these readings.

Other resources:


Three Management Information Systems textbooks have been placed on reserve at the library
Many class lectures will (generally) come from these books.
If you would like to have your own copy of any of these books,
please let me know and I will ask the Bookstore to order one for you.
Management Information Systems for the Information Age
Introduction to Information Systems
Introduction to Information Technology

UNIX operating system commands

Building the Perfect Web Page
HTML Made Really Easy
HTML Quick Reference
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Introduction to HTML

Some Online Journal Sites
Business Week Online
Information Week Online
Wired News
First Business Online
New York Times