Assignment #5

25 points

Due:  in class on May 1


You must work in system analysis project teams of two or three people.


You will analyze and build the business requirements for a system for local “Groceries to Go” grocery store.  To do this, you will define:


-         the project scope, the business benefits, the measurable objectives, the constraints, the organizational impact

-         a descriptive list of the business requirements (logical requirements)

-         who will be assigned to complete each requirement

-         the estimated time for each requirement and the estimated time for the project (keeping in mind what tasks can be done in parallel)

-         a description of the resources that will be needed

-         a design of one input screen


You can communicate with the client in only the following three ways:  client meeting times (class times), designated hours that the client has agreed to be available for questions (Manns’ office hours), and on WebBoard.


You will submit all of the above to the client in two forms:  a professionally written report and in a short presentation (in class on May 1st).