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"Hot Off the Press" Presentations

Aug. 31
Kristal Hood, Europe Opens Another Microsoft Inquiry

Sept. 7
Kelly Walters, Doctor's Database Nails Down Correct Diagnosis

Sept. 14
Meka Nesby, A Safe Wager

Sept. 21
Andres Martin, Minnesota Courts

Sept. 23
Paula DiBiase, Want Fries with Outsourcing

Oct. 5
Chris James, The Hidden Costs of Technology

Oct. 12
Brad Trometer, I.T. is Coming to a Physician Near You

Oct. 19
Meridith Grant, interview with Caroline Baugh, Data Analyst for American Health Ways

Nov. 2
Tatyana Buksh

Nov. 4
Richard Hogan

Nov. 9
Jayne Green, Verizon's Wireless Wonder

Nov. 16
Brooke Collins, Nokia's Goal: Cell-Phone Planet

Nov. 23
Robert Peek, Creme de la CRM
Richard MacInnis, Virtual Teams: What Do We Know and Where Do We Go From Here?

Nov. 30
Dustin Pulliam, Power in Numbers