Mgmt 386.01
W/F 8:30 - 9:45am

Exam I: September 21
Exam II: November 2
Final (comprehensive): November 30

Simulation: October 24
Retrospective: October 26
There are no make-up dates for the Simulation and Retrospective. See page 5 of Handout #1 for more information.

Class Schedule

August 22

  • Handout #1: Course Policies
  • Professional Behaviors document
  • What is Information Technology (IT) and the field of Management Information Systems (MIS)?
  • Why do managers need to understand information technology (IT)?
  • Reading and exercise due on August 24: Lessons Learned. Analyze the system development projects in this article. (The first one, The Scourge of Isolation, is done as an example for you).
    • For each of the other three cases, make a list of the following 5 items:
      1. general information about the company
      2. description of the software project -- type of software system the company was trying to build
      3. the reason(s) the organization is building the system-- what business problem do they hope it will solve
      4. outcome -- what happened in the "end"
      5. mistakes the company made -- list of actions that caused the project to fail
August 24
  • DUE today: Exercise assigned on August 22
  • Discussion of Hot Topic assignments
  • Information system software versus the software used to develop the system
August 29
  • Dates assigned for This is Cool presentations assignment
  • The System Development Lifecycle and the business person's role in developing information systems
August 31 September 5
  • Improving your PowerPoint presentations:
  • Building a web site with Google Sites
  • Exercise due on September 7:
    • your first web site -- Create the gawdiest (but rated PG) web site you can while experimenting with as many of the google site software features as you can.
      • Reminders:
        • Make sure the "permissions and sharings" is set to "anyone with the link"
        • Deadline to email your website address to Dr. Manns is 8:00am on Friday, Sept. 7th
September 7
  • DUE: Your first web site (URL due to Dr. Manns no later than 8:00am)
  • How to apply the SDLC to building your website
September 12 September 14
  • DUE: Hot Topic #2
  • Types of Software, continued
September 19 September 21
  • Exam I
September 26
  • Dr. Manns will be at a conference (so, you can sleep late :-)
September 28
  • DUE: Hot Topic #3
  • Databases, continued
    • Creating a data file and a report file with MS-Access
  • Handout: Database assignment
October 3
  • DUE: Presentation to client: First iteration of web site
    • Email Dr. Manns the link of your website at least 30 minutes before the first iteration is due in class.
    • Scope and requirements for first iteration here
  • More information for your website assignment:
    • technological issues and design issues
October 5 October 10
  • DUE: Hot Topic #4
  • The ethical use of data - a management decision: No Place to Hide
October 12
  • DUE: Presentation to client: Second iteration of web site
October 17
  • REMINDER: Have you scheduled your interview time with an I.T. Professional? See page 4 on Handout #1.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) software
  • Any questions on the database assignment?
October 19
  • DUE: Database Assignment
  • HTML commands
  • General instructions for upcoming simulation and retrospective
October 24
  • *Simulation* (Try to arrive early today)
    Reminder: There are no make-up dates for the Simulation and Retrospective. See handout #1 for more information.
October 26 October 31
  • DUE: Simulation report
  • Artificial Intelligence software
  • Review for exam -- bring your questions
November 2
  • Exam II
November 7 November 9 November 14 November 16
  • Change leadership class exercise, continued
  • Change Leadership: Introducing Innovation into an Organization
  • Handout: Change Leadership assignment

November 21 and 23: Thanksgiving Holiday

November 28

  • DUE: Presentation to client: Final iteration of web site
  • Internship presentation - Jonathan Kramer
  • Change Leadership, continued
    • Complete the table on handout #4
    • DUE: Team member names and the software you are addressing in your Change Leadership assignment
November 30
  • Final Exam
Wednesday, December 5 - 8:00am (until 10:30am)
  • DUE: Change Leadership assignment